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Top 5 Logo Color Trends of 2023 + Color Inspiration

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We use color to communicate our visions, goals, and emotions. And with every year bringing about change and reformation, what will color trends look like in 2023?

With the Looka logo maker, we have direct insight into the minds of millions of entrepreneurs and designers, giving us a sneak peek into what colors best reflect their mindsets. We analyzed our data and the cultural landscape to give you the ultimate colors and color trends that will shape design in 2023.

What are the 10 most popular logo colors?

We analyzed over 66,000+ logos from users worldwide and found these top 10 most popular logo colors:

  1. Orange #F5793B

  2. Deep purple #230344

  3. Blush beige #C99383

  4. Gray #AAABAB

  5. Buttercream #f7e8d3

  6. Galaxy blue #223651

  7. Terracotta #B17A50

  8. Taupe #b9ac9d

  9. Tangerine #fb9c2a

  10. Bright blue #137DC5

Our top logo color of 2023 is orange! We’ve seen this citrusy shade pop up twice in our top 10 list, and again in branding and design all over the world.

Taking a further deep dive into our data, we’ve discovered 5 color trends in 2023. Expect to see a whirlwind of perspectives and emotions, mainly:

  • Dark colors are taking center stage to add depth, luxury, and a sense of existentialism

  • A rise in earth-inspired tones will add a warm and grounded sense to designs

  • Experimentation with escapism and intense colors that blur the lines of reality to spark your imagination

Top logo color trends of 2023

Using our data and studying global color experts like Sherwin Williams and Pantone, we’ve broken down the top logo color trends of 2023 into five different up-and-coming design styles.

We’ve also curated color palettes to illustrate how to use these latest color trends.

Let’s dive in!

Logo color trend one: Vintage aesthetic

The yearning for nostalgia isn’t going anywhere in 2023. We’ve seen a focus on the flower-power tones of the 60s and 70s more than anything. This color trend is all about relaxation and adding an approachable look to your design. Sometimes you need a little fun when life gets too serious!

The vintage aesthetic works well for industries, products, and graphic design pieces that are creative, cool, and friendly.

1. Zesty orange

Source: Edignwn Type on Behance

Orange has risen in popularity in the past year, and we’re seeing it come out on top again and again for logo design.

Fact: Orange was our most-used logo color by far! It popped up twice as a tiger orange and a lighter tangerine.

Orange is the new favorite in vintage logo design and vintage branding altogether. It works well with shades of green, India yellow, or on its own! Check out the orange and pink color palette below:

2. Earthy hues

Source: Tumbledown branding by Harriet Van Tongren on Behance

We saw three of the top ten logo color trends be inspired by warm, grounding earthy hues. From sandy taupe to the blush beige of clay, it was a clear choice for many entrepreneurs and designers

Blush beige was our 3rd most popular logo color choice, thanks to its warmth and versatility embodying both luxury and modesty.

Check out the earthy color palette below:

Similarly, Sherwin Williams chose a similar hue, redend point, as their color of the year in 2023. It’s a popular choice in both graphic and interior design.

3. Shades of Green

Green hues are resurfacing to add a calm and rich look to designs. Think of green leather couches, fresh leaves in the spring, or soft green grass.

Dark and light shades of green were emerging color trends in 2023 and a top accent color for many.

Green is a popular accent color to cool down a bright orange or yellow undertone palette. It works well in most industries, especially those that want to give off a cool, calm, and collected appearance.

Check out the green color palette below:

Check out 20 vintage color palettes for retro color inspiration!

Logo color trend two: Modern Mid-century

The timeless look and style of mid-century design have seeped back into the color trends world with a sophisticated allure. The clean lines and muted tones offer a sense of clarity and class in any discipline.

Graphic shapes and vibrant accent colors give designers enough flexibility to express various themes and still keep that mid-century appeal. We’ve seen natural colors like redwood and taupe mixed with tangerine, lime, or cobalt in these color trends.

4. Gray and white

Source: Burusu Huang and Triangler studio on Behance

Gray may seem bland and inconspicuous, but its power lies in its compatibility with other colors. Grey is the perfect blank canvas! It stands the test of time yet is versatile enough to be paired with color trends as they change through the years.

Gray is the 7th most used logo color this year, with many people taking advantage of its flexible and modern look.

Check out the gray and neon green color palette below:

5. Buttercream beige and maroon

Pulling from the more natural elements of mid-century design, buttercream beige is luxurious but still warm and welcoming. It can be the base of any design, and it works well with vibrant colors as well as deeper shades.

Buttercream beige came in as the 8th most popular logo color due to its light and soothing look.

Check out the buttercream beige and maroon color palette below:

Source: Elizabeth Kiviorg on Behance

Behr also opted for “Blank Canvas”, a slightly cooler version of buttercream beige, as their 2023 color of the year for interior design. The popularity of this shade communicates a yearning for a fresh start.

6. Galaxy blue and taupe

Dark colors add a sense of luxury and sophistication. But this year, we’re seeing intense hues pop up. This divine blue commands attention, adding depth and wonder to designs.

Galaxy blue came in as the 6th most used logo color, frequently paired with a taupe, buttercream, or gold accent colors.

Check out the blue color palette below:

Taupe came in as 11th in popularity but was heavily used as an accent to darker shades like maroon and galaxy blue.

Logo trend three: Blinding lights and bold colors

What’s design without a little fun? We saw sparks of bold colors appear consistently in our color trends data and research, notably used as accents to darker or neutral colors.

Neon colors are an escape from day-to-day life and are zesty and unapologetic. We saw these bright colors take over as logo color accents and social media designs.

7. Neon purple

Purple isn’t the first color that comes to mind when considering bold colors, but this year, we’ve seen neon purple be used as an accent more than others. Purple is associated with mystery, creativity, and magic.

It has an unnamable quality to it that feels a little mystical. As a neon shade, purple is powerful and must be used carefully to not look gaudy.

Check out the bright color palette below:

Neon purple is the perfect neon color to differentiate a brand identity or garner attention as an app logo. It also works well as a complement to another brighter color like the design above!

8. Bright fuchsia/ hot pink

Bright and bubbly, this bold fuchsia is enough of a statement that it needs little else to complement it. It’s a great logo color or graphic design choice for those looking to create a fun-loving and animated design.

Fuchsia popped up twice in our data, often paired with white or black.

Check out the bright pink color palette below:

For a pared-down version of this neon fuchsia, check out Pantone’s 2023 color of the year Viva Magenta. Or play around with the sweeter alternative, raspberry blush, the Benjamin Moore 2023 color of the year for interior design.

Check out some color palettes for the Pantone 2023 color of the year – viva magenta!

9. Radioactive green

Source: Urban Circus on Behance

Neon green’s emotional association is the opposite of its regular green counterpart. It’s vivacious, energizing, and associated with modern and futuristic designs. It’s often used in very small doses, like on a logo symbol or slogan. It adds the perfect amount of shock value!

Neon green was often paired as an accent with dark gray to enhance its zesty look.

Check out the bright green color palette below:

Discover more striking neon color palettes!

Logo trend four: Down-to-earth

Earth tones made a comeback as color trends in 2023, with society searching for calming, grounding, and comfortable experiences to offset the chaos of recent years.

We’re seeing earthy browns like terracotta, clay, and taupe used modestly in logo design, brand packaging, and web design. These colors are inspired by moments of mindfulness, rest, and relaxation.

10. Terracotta

Source: Etcetera by Eman Elian on Behance

Warm and earthy, terracotta is versatile enough to add a decadent luxury or a bohemian look to designs. This hue is emotionally associated with enthusiasm and coziness. We’ve seen it pop up often in personal branding.

Terracotta landed as the 7th most popular logo color. It was most commonly paired with white or dark gray, and occasionally with darker shades of brown.

Check out the terracotta color palette below:

11. Ocean blues

Source: Don Pitirijas on Behance

Cool colors like blue have emotional color association linked to tranquility and calm. Like watching the ocean waves or the crisp blue sky. From a business perspective, it’s associated with stability and reliability, making it a popular choice for designers and entrepreneurs.

Blue came in as the 10th most popular logo color and appeared twice more in a baby blue and a powdered blue.

Check out the color palette below:

Logo trend five: Post-apocalyptic futurism

From cinema to fashion, society has taken a liking to the post-apocalyptic look that indulges our imaginations of a bleak future. Think Mad Max or Resident Evil, the dark gray of a scorched sky, and the glow of advanced technology are all color trends this year.

This trend may fade and become outdated in the future, so it’s ideal for designs on social media, event posters, and web elements.

Steer clear of using these for logos or branding unless you’ve decided this is a part of your brand personality.

12. Deep Purple

Source: Boddy by Skinn branding agency on Behance

Dark purple is alluring and mysterious. It has emotional associations with imagination, creativity, and enlightenment. We’ve seen purple pop up time and again in the design world as a solid background and a glowing animated element in web design.

Deep purple came in as the 2nd most popular logo color, with many pairings of sweet brown and black accompanying it.

Check out the purple color palette below:

This shade is unique and perfectly encompasses the current and future sentiments of a society on the cusp of reimagining its future.

13. Liquid metal

Gold and silver have always been popular as foil, but in 2023, we’re seeing it melt into an unfamiliar liquid version. This liquid metal color trend adds a futuristic look that feels surreal and unsettling. It’s meant to have you do a double take and gives off a grunge and anti-establishment look.

Check out the color palette below:

As neither solid nor liquid – it’s best used for industries or designs that are challenging the status quo and pride themselves on radical work. Instagram even launched it as their logo for Instagram Creators!

The power of logo color trends in 2023

The past few years have built up to a boiling point of progressive change and upheaval for society. We’ve seen color trends that prepare us for the future, while some root us in the present. All the while, we indulge in the reverie of a simple past for inspiration.

Whatever your design needs are, these 2023 color trends suit every need and sentiment:

  1. Vintage aesthetic

  2. Modern mid-century

  3. Blinding lights

  4. Down to earth

  5. Post-apocalyptic futurism

Times are changing, but that’s what makes it an exciting era to be alive and in the design world. Use these color trends to stay relevant and competitive with your work and beyond.


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